Stated commercial loans offers stated income commercial loans

When you are analyzing a residential loan, you can determine program eligibility
once you know the loan amount and loan to value (LTV), know your borrowers credit,
know the income of your borrower to calculate their debt to income ratio (DTI),
and accurately profile them for the most suitable loan product.

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On a full doc commercial loan both the borrower’s financials and the property
financials are being analyzed. The borrower is expected to have an acceptable DTI
and the property is expected to have an acceptable debt service coverage ratio (DSCR).
If you were to submit the deal under a stated income stated asset (SISA), or
no income no asset (NINA), program, it simply means that the borrowers
information is not analyzed (except for their credit), however the property income is
still being analyzed to show that it will generate sufficient income to have an acceptable DSCR.

If you would like to get an informed analysis of a commercial loan that you are working
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Stated commercial loans offers stated income commercial loans, wholesale multifamily
commercial mortgages, no doc office and retail building financing,
real estate and apartment loans with low interest rates.

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