Commercial Mortgage Loan - Basic Facts

It becomes very necessary to address the expansion options when your small business starts to prosper. In such a case, you can opt for the commercial mortgage loans. These loans include warehouses and buildings that can be used by businesses.

A commercial mortgage loan can be obtained very easily. The process of obtaining this kind of a loan, and the steps involved are very similar to those involved in a home mortgage loan. In case of a commercial mortgage, you can use your business credit to lock your loan. Personal line of credit need not be used.

It is of utmost importance to have all the
documentations prepared for presentation before you finally apply for the commercial mortgage loan. Besides, all the financial information should be in order. Make sure you are aware of the viewpoint of the lender.

As these loans are usually used for start-up businesses that might fail in future, they are not preferred by the lenders over the home mortgage loans. The latter involves no risk as such. In case you wish to avail the commercial loan for your start-up business, you ought to have an appropriate business strategy and a detailed plan of business finances.

Following are certain key features and advantages of the commercial mortgage loan:

• The best thing about a commercial mortgage loan is you can keep hold of full ownership. This is because your lender can only claim an interest return on the mortgage and not a percentage of ownership.

• Moreover, interest payments on this kind of a loan are tax-deductible. They can be made with pre-tax funds, and thus, you can obtain a tax break.

• A smoother cash flow can be easily maintained with a commercial mortgage loan. There is a reasonable repayment plan and certain lower up-front payments that make the capital accessible to you.

• With commercial mortgage schedules, it is easy to manage your financing efficiently as they are predetermined. However, before you decide to avail a commercial mortgage loan, it is necessary to know the following disadvantages of this kind of a loan:

• The property can be foreclosed and sold by the lender in case of non-payment.

• The default consequences also apply to things such as filing a bankruptcy or missing a payment.


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