Commercial Real Estate Investment Property and Business Opportunity Investing to Buy a Business

The recent negative investment climate for residential real estate investment property has provided investors with new reasons to explore investing in business opportunity and business finance options. This report will offer some guidance for business financing and commercial mortgage loans plus an overview of primary reasons for exploring possibilities to buy a business or commercial investment property.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Property and Business Finance Strategies:

Investing in Unique Businesses and Special Purpose Properties

Commercial real estate and business opportunity choices include special purpose situations such as funeral homes and golf courses. The unique characteristics of such business investment options translate to enhanced possibilities to differentiate a commercial business and provide added value.

Specialized commercial real estate investing will involve special business financing programs such as gas station financing and motel financing. Locating business opportunity financing or commercial mortgage that is suitable for the business and the business owner will be a key element in successful real estate or business investment results.

Business Loan and Commercial Mortgage Options using SBA Loans

The potential use of a Small Business Administration loan offers a business finance strategy not possible for residential real estate investments. SBA business loans are an option for most business owners and can be helpful in buying business opportunities or commercial investment property.

Business Opportunity Finance Choices to Avoid Real Estate Investing

Acquiring a business opportunity excludes commercial property investing. Without real estate, the business opportunity finance and business loan investment value will be primarily determined by the business instead of real estate. The lack of a commercial real estate loan can end up being a profitable advantage in a falling real estate investment environment.

Commercial Loan Appraisals:

How Income Effects Value of Commercial Investment Property and Businesses

Commercial real estate financing and commercial financing will require an appraisal that reviews historical income data. Residential investment property appraisals are primarily driven by location. Business opportunity value and commercial real estate valuations are primarily impacted by business income data. Because of this simple but important difference, valuations for business opportunities and commercial business are likely to be insulated from real estate property value fluctuations.

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