"Without birth can you imagine growth?" I'm sure you're wondering how this fits here. Well, considering that your answer to the question is "no", let us apply this in commercial terms - Finance is the root or the very foundation of any business, company or production. Every business has a beginning. The investment or funding for a business is done through "Commercial Loans". Commercial Loans are Business Loans. They can be used for starting new businesses or for financing the expansion of an already established one. The amount availed through Commercial Loans can also be used for any commercial investment like infrastructure, machines, purchase of products, services and also to buy business premises or commercial buildings. Commercial loans help in smooth commercial processing and ensure uninterrupted capital supply to various businesses.

There are no standard Commercial Loans. These loans vary from business to business and hence can be designed for startup businesses, small, medium or even large industries. Commercial loans depend on nature and profile of the business, length of ownership (in case of established businesses), status, your ability to repay the loan, credit history, personal and business financial statements, etc.

Important points on Commercial Loans:

� Commercial loans are available from 50,000 to 50,000,000.

� Commercial Loan lenders offer up to 79% LTV (Loan to Valuation) with variable rates depending on your credit history, personal standing, etc.

� Decisions for most commercial loans take about 1-5 days.

� A Secured Commercial Loan can be available for 12 months to 25 years.

Commercial Loans can be secured (with collateral) or unsecured (without collateral or security). Secured Commercial Loans are also called Commercial Mortgages. The interest rates for these are lower as compared to unsecured commercial loans. Commercial Loans also come with fixed or variable interest rates. Fixed rate commercial loans specify fixed interest rates and monthly payments throughout the loan term - decided at the beginning of the commercial loan. Businessmen apply for fixed rate commercial loans as it helps in effective financial planning when you know how much you are giving out every month. With a variable rate commercial loan the interest rates change in accordance with market changes.

Essentials for Commercial Loans:

� Commercial loan lenders will need details of the type of loan selected, the interest rate chosen, the amount, purpose, repayment term and other vital information.

� For a new business you will have to discuss your business venture and how it would be successful enough to repay the commercial loan.

� Necessary documents include audited personal financial statements for the last 3 years, cash flow forecast, etc. for new investments or businesses.

� In case of established businesses, business financial statements, profit and loss statements and balance sheets are also required.

� Equity in business, borrowed and available funds, owners, partners, stockholders with more than 20%, etc. are all crucial niceties.

Every commercial loan broker will offer similar products and services, thus it is important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of potential commercial loan brokers before choosing one. Many specialize in only financing certain types of opportunities and investments. Make sure your lender has exactly what you need. Don't choose a particular creditor just because he offers a commercial loan along with all the other products and services you require. The driving factor of successful businesses is minimizing costs. A commercial loan is not free, and thus the cost of the loan should be analyzed. Selecting a commercial loan broker that is committed to seeing you succeed will go a long way in helping you realize success.

Before finalizing a Commercial Loan, always remember "A dollar saved is a quarter earned". Taking a loan is about getting money that you need in a crucial situation, but it also includes putting that money to it's best use and utilizing every penny of it. While paying back you do want to be sure that you are giving back what your received, don't you? � And where better to comprehend the true value of every penny than in Commercial Loans.

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